neil carter


"Neil was an excellent Project Manager. He was honest, straightforward and helpful. He was an outstanding advocate for the Pueblo who thoughtfully and fairly represented their needs while professionally conveying ours. He could adjust any plan to accommodate fluid circumstances while consistently keeping an eye on the budget and the project goals."

Steve Dewire, former General Manager, Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa at Santa Ana

"Neil was the glue that held our project together; the constant facilitator who moved things along. He would always take the time to thoroughly answer our questions in terms that we could all understand. Neil earned IHS's highest award in recognition of his superior support and integrity."

Rick Mize, former CEO, Jicarilla Healthcare Facility

"Neil has been involved with several of our projects for New Mexico tribes and there have never been any significant problems. His industry knowledge has been particularly helpful in providing solutions rather than pointing fingers. He is very highly regarded by those with whom he has worked in the past and knows his way around Indian Country. I would heartily recommend Neil to anyone. Jaynes would hire Neil in a heart beat for his industry knowledge and unbiased management and leadership abilities"

Don Power, President, Jaynes Corporation