IHS clinic   IHS Clinic - Santo Domingo Pueblo
Neil Carter Associates was retained half-way through the design of this 22,000 square foot facility and was able to identify a half million dollars in savings before construction began. The firm created a team-oriented approach using a Construction-Manager-at-Risk (CMAR) contract format and provided jurisdictional quality inspection services. The firm also coordinated the procurement and installation of all medical and IT equipment. The project was completed three months ahead of schedule and nearly $1.0 million under budget.

IHS clinic   Isleta Elementary School - Isleta Pueblo
Neil Carter Associates was retained to assist Tribal and BIA Project Managers to administer the construction of a design/build contract for this K-6 BIA Replacement School. The firm immediately identified contractual breaches and billing irregularities. It was determined that the problems were inadvertent and they were amicably resolved. The project progressed normally and was completed in time for classes to begin.

IHS clinic   Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa - Santa Ana Pueblo
Upon request by the Pueblo to identify unique development opportunities, Neil Carter Associates suggested and subsequently retained a world-class hospitality consultant for market research and creation of a hospitality development strategy. The firm participated in the evaluation process that resulted in the selection of Hyatt Hotels Corporation to operate the resort, interviewed, retained and oversaw the work of a specialty resort developer, architects, landscape architects, interior designers and many contractors. Neil Carter Associates participated in all phases of design and inspected all phases of construction. The firm managed all contractual matters and coordinated all communications between the Pueblo, the development team and Hyatt.

IHS clinic   Santo Domingo Safety Complex
Neil Carter Associates was retained after the design of this contemporary, Silver LEED certified project was completed. The firm coordinated the bidding process, retained a Commissioning Agent to assure LEED compliance, managed and inspected the construction and coordinated the acquisition of furnishings and telecommunications equipment. Construction of this 10,000sf building was completed ahead of schedule and with sufficient surplus funds to allow department personnel to acquire needed safety and communication equipment.

IHS clinic   Food Distribution Facility - Five Sandoval Indian Pueblos, Inc.
Neil Carter Associates provided Owner's Representative services for this design/build project funded by State of New Mexico bonds and General Fund appropriations. An extremely tight budget, owner-provided equipment and unusual lease arrangements complicated this relatively small project. While these caused minor delays, the project was finished within the owner's budget.

IHS clinic   Tribal Housing - Santa Ana Pueblo
Neil Carter Associates established and administered a new department of tribal government to construct new homes and to rehabilitate existing houses for tribal members. Approximately 25 new homes were built under a design/build contract and many dozens more were rehabilitated by the department's employees, the majority of whom were tribal members.

IHS clinic   Santa Ana Golf Club Pro Shop Santa Ana Pueblo
Neil Carter Associates designed, bid, inspected and administered construction of new pro shop and expansion of the Prairie Star restaurant. The project used conventional bidding procedures. Existing business needed to remain open during construction. The firm's clients included golf course management and designated members of Tribal Council.

IHS clinic   Planning and Infrastructure Development - Santa Ana Pueblo
Neil Carter Associates established project goals and a development strategy for a 1,200 acre parcel of Trust land. The firm initiated and administered the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement, assisted with the transfer of land from Federal Trust to tribal control, prepared a Master Plan and Land Use Ordinances and managed budgets and schedules for multiple engineering and construction contracts for utilities, roads and landscaping.

IHS clinic   Ishkoteen Judicial Center - Jicarilla Apache Nation
This 110,000 square foot facility was to be delivered by a private developer using tribal funds. Neil Carter Associates was retained after the Nation realized that the project was more than a year behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget. First retained to identify the source and possible remedies to the problems, Neil Carter Associates was subsequently retained to take over management of the project. Working with the Nation's attorneys, existing contracts were modified or terminated, lines of communications redrawn, new budgets and schedules were prepared and the IT system and furnishings were rebid. The firm then orchestrated the completion of the construction and procurement. The facility was delivered by the dates promised and for less than Neil Carter Associates' original estimate.

IHS clinic   St Augustine Church Rehabilitation - Isleta Pueblo
Neil Carter Associates is serving as the Project Manager for the extensive rehabilitation of this 400 year old church at Isleta Pueblo. After consolidating 10 years of work by tribal members and consultants into a viable development strategy, Carter assisted with the procurement of funding, negotiated a contract with an architectural conservation contractor, separately retained conservationists, archeologists, building systems consultants and contractors, coordinated the rehabilitation of major artifacts and the fabrication of new furnishings.

IHS clinic   Wastewater Treatment Plant - Santa Ana Pueblo
Neil Carter Associates established the project goals and criteria for this 200,000 gallon-per-day facility. The firm retained environmental and engineering consultants, managed the bidding, administered the construction and monitored start-up and initial operations.

IHS clinic   Dulce Healthcare Facility - Jicarilla Apache Nation
This 64,000 square foot project was funded by the Nation with medical equipment and programming services provided by the IHS under a 638 agreement. Construction was performed under a Construction-Manager-at-Risk contract format. Neil Carter Associates coordinated all communications between the architect, the contractor, IHS and the Nation, monitored costs, identified more than $500,000 of savings, provided ICBO inspections and separately bid and coordinated installation of all furnishings, IT and medical equipment and signage.

head start   Head Start Facility - Santo Domingo Pueblo
Neil Carter Associates worked for more than 5 years to help Santo Domingo realize their dream of a quality educational and child care facility. The firm, working with tribal administrators, program staff, architects and funding agencies, help secure Federal Stimulus funds and State loans which allowed construction to begin in the fall of 2010. Neil Carter Associates is managing all aspects of the development, will provide building inspection services and will coordinate the procurement of all furnishings and equipment. This 30,000 square foot, $7.5 million facility will be completed by the fall of 2011.

zia clinic   Clinic - Zia Pueblo
Neil Carter Associates provided comprehensive Project Management services for this IHS operated facility. At the request of the Pueblo, the design/build contract was awarded to a member of Tribal Council. Neil Carter Associates assisted this contractor with meeting the extensive technical requirements of the building, helped Tribal Administration comply with unfamiliar financial and reporting requirements and assisted IHS with the procurement of hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical and dental equipment. While the project took longer than estimated to complete, it was finished on budget and is now serving the people of Zia.