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"Neil acted as the Pueblo's representative for the planning and construction of the Tamaya Resort. He had a wide range of discretion and knew what he had to bring to the board's attention. His knowledge and experience in project management and his understanding of tribal people was exceptional. He knew our ways and we knew his."

Roy Montoya, Tribal Administrator, Pueblo of Santa Ana Pueblo (ret.), Chairman, Santa Ana Hospitality Corporation (ret.)

"Neil's work on behalf of the Jicarilla Apache Nation was outstanding. He is thorough, objective and unbiased. His understanding of our concerns and his abilities to achieve goals were superior. Cost control on the projects managed by Neil was much better than we are used to and the quality of construction is better too. He has done a good job for the Nation."

Levi Pesata, President, Jicarilla Apache Nation

"Neil Carter served as the Project Manager for the design and construction of the Pueblo of Zia Health Clinic. Over the course of the project, internal tribal matters surfaced that required an extraordinary effort by Neil to see to it that the tribeís objectives were met. Neil conducted himself professionally, without bias and with astute sensitivity to our needs and concerns. He performed tasks well beyond the scope of his contract without complaint or additional compensation. All tribal parties agree that, without Neilís help, the project would not have turned out nearly as well as it did and perhaps would never even have gotten off the ground."

Ivan Pino, Former Governor, Pueblo of Zia

"Neil Carter Associates has worked with Five Sandoval Indian Pueblos, Inc. on two of its projects. The first is our Food Commodity Distribution Facility which was completed with Mr. Carterís expertise in 2007. The other is Five Sandovalís Administration Complex. With Mr. Carterís help, we have completed the planning and design phase and he continues to assist us in seeking construction dollars. Five Sandoval has a good working relationship with Mr. Carter and has recommended his services to member Pueblos."

James Roger Madalena, Executive Director, Five Sandoval Indian Pueblos, Inc.

"Prior to Neil's involvement, we were behind schedule, over budget and our relationship with the Tribe had deteriorated. Neil was able to rapidly assess the situation, diplomatically address the issues and get all of the parties rowing in the same direction. With his extensive construction background and experience with Native American tribes, Neil established a layer of trust that allowed a difficult project to be satisfactorily completed."

Chris Smith, Vice President, Layton Construction Company. Mr. Smith was the executive in charge of constructing Ishkoteen.

"Neil brings a level of professionalism and oversight that is urgently needed on any construction project in Indian Country. His participation insures quality construction that lasts. He is great to work with given his experience, communications skills, creativity and humor."

Teresa Leger, Attorney, Nordhaus Law Firm - one the oldest and largest law firms in the nation dedicated to representing Native American interests.

"Neil brings unique knowledge and wisdom to projects based upon his years of experience working with Native communities, Tribal Councils and administrations. Neil coordinated harmoniously between the owners and the design professionals; resolved difficult development problems as they surfaced and was able to mediate complicated issues."

Morris Lowden, Architect, ASCG. Mr. Lowden is a Native American architect who designed the clinic for the Jicarilla Apache Nation

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